Saturday, December 30, 2006


Sausage rolls... crisps... choccies... So full - but perhaps just one more wafer-thin mince pie...

Friday, December 22, 2006

A furry fairy!

As you can see, the Mole is stuck up the Christmas Tree. That greedy pest tried to steal all the chocolates off the tree before Christmas Eve, and now he can't get down. Serves him right! The question is, do I leave him there so he can be our Christmas fairy, and have a nice quiet Christmas, or should I rescue him?

Happy Christmas Everyone!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A likely story!

Well, I hopped onto the ferry with my portmanteau, getting rather worried about the whereabouts of Mole and Otter (just in case you think I'm getting soft, I didn't think it was fair for the Irish to be lumbered with them permanently.) Anyway, they turned up just as we were getting ready to sail. Apparently when they couldn't get into my super tower nest for the night, they spotted a rainbow. They followed it to the end and found a lovely burrow. Down and down they went - and there was a red-haired geezer dressed all in green, sitting on a pot of gold!
He gave them the choice of 3 wishes or a pawful of treasure each. Mole wished for worms (which the burrow was full of anyway), Otter wished for fish, (which he scoffed right away), then they blew their last wish on - a James Blunt album! What a pair of puddings!
I'll have to hurl it overboard when they're asleep - I'm not taking rubbish like that home with me.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Eee - awww!

Well, finally got to see my chum Patrick Seamus Neddy O'Donkey and his chum Bono. They have a whale of a time eating grass all day. I think I'll stick to kebabs and pizza, though.

Goodness knows what has happened to the Mole and Otter, though. I haven't seen them all day - and I have to catch the ferryboat back to my nest tomorrow...

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Top of the world, Ma!

We arrived safe and sound in the Emerald Isle, although I thought kicking all the passengers out of their ferry cabins at 5.30am was well out of order! I've found a lovely nest site for my stay here - an amazing tower. A room with a view - right out of the reach of cats and other nasty predators. I reckon it's historic or summat - the home of an ancient warrior pigeon, perhaps.

Of course, Mole and Otter can't get into my new nest, but then every cloud has a silver lining...