Wednesday, April 18, 2007

It's my birthday!

Another year older, another year wiser. And there's still some Easter egg left...

Monday, April 09, 2007


I was sitting quietly in my nest, tucking into an Easter egg or three, and reading on old copy of Bunty I found blowing round the garden, when I heard a loud banging coming from the garden shed. I flew over and peeked inside, and there was my pal Robin Redbreast trapped inside! Coo! He wasn't half cross. Luckily my old pal Jemmy Yale happens to know a thing or two about locks, so we soon sprung him outta there. Poor guy had hopped inside looking for ants and other goodies, and the door swung to and locked him in! I offered him a mini egg to cheer him up, but for some reason he prefers worms. Suits me!
By the way, if anyone's been given too many Easter eggs, and wants them to go to a good home, there's always room in my nest for another one. Look after your local wildlife, I always say...